Cambridge Movers- lesson 10

NB NH Cambridge Movers- lesson 10

Giờ học: 20:00 - 21:00 Ngày 28/05/2018

Giáo viên: Benjie E. Anisco

Học phí: 50,000đ | Miễn phí

Cambridge Movers- lesson 10

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Benjie E. Anisco

Benjie E. Anisco

Hi, my name is Teacher Benjie I'm from Iloilo City Philippines. I have been an Online English teacher for more than 3 years now since the year 2015 TOIC Speaking, grammar and pronunciation , I like teaching English because I like to help others with something I am good at. I like making others passionate about something I personally love and I think that loving knowledge is one of the most interesting interests you could ever have. In my free time, I love reading English novels, watching American movies and playing words games and I like yellow. Aside from Teaching English Online I am also teaching English man to man and as customer service representative to American Clients. I love English because English is Fun I hope to see you in my class/ See you soon!

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