Oxford Phonics World - Level 1 - Unit 3

NB NH Oxford Phonics World - Level 1 - Unit 3

Giờ học: 09:00 - 10:00 Ngày 12/08/2017

Giáo viên: Mark Timothy M. Zapata

Học phí: Miễn phí

Khóa học Oxford Phonics World - Level 1 học sinh 5 - 8 tuổi

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Mark Timothy M. Zapata

Mark Timothy M. Zapata

Hi! I'm Teacher Tim of iSpeak Vietnam! I majored in Computer Technology, but I realized that my REAL PASSION is Teaching. I started teaching English to foreigners in 2009. My 7 years of ESL experience involved teaching Basic Grammar, TOEFL, and Business English to Koreans and Japanese kids, VIP clients and Businessman.

Speaking English fluently doesn't happen overnight, because it's a step by step process, but don't worry, in my class, I make sure that I adjust to the level of my students. I want my students to learn English naturally and confidently. I promise that our class is going to be fun, and full of learning! Let's enjoy learning English together. See you!

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