Cambridge Movers- lesson 26

NB NH Cambridge Movers- lesson 26

Giờ học: 20:00 - 21:00 Ngày 17/09/2018

Giáo viên: Tran Thanh Mai

Học phí: 100,000đ | Miễn phí

Cambridge Movers- lesson 26

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Tran Thanh Mai

Tran Thanh Mai

Hello all my dear students! You can call me your teacher, but I'd rather you call me your friend because English is an awesome language and a teacher will help you with the very first steps in the Journey to conquer the language but a companion can stand beside you throughout the pathway and be there for you whenever you are in need. And I hope that I can be one of that good friends. Here are some piece of information about myself. I am an undergraduate of Hanoi University of Science and Technology and English is my major. I am 22 years old and I am from Hanoi, Vietnam. I really like listening to music, especially the US UK's with genres such as pop songs, jazz, rap, etc. In addition, I also share similar hobby with most of children which is watching cartoon^^. My dream is becoming both a beloved English teachers for children because I love you guys a lot and maybe a professional interpreter in the future.

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